Art Lessons with Aili: Block Printing

I just had another art lesson with Aili and this week we did Block Printing. This required Aili to draw a design on this material that feels like an eraser (similar to a gum eraser) and then during class she carved out the design using carving and gouging tools specifically designed to cut this material and linoleum. After the design was cut out, we used block printing ink and a roller to distribute evenly over Aili's heart person design. We then placed smooth papers over the inked design to make out prints. Usually the first print has too much ink, so 2nd and 3rd prints usually look best. I like getting to introduce Aili to all different forms of art and art media. This was a messy class, but fun and Aili's prints turned out great!

Are you interesting in block printing? Supplies like what we used can be purchased at my favorite art supply store: Blick Art Supply.

Here is Aili's Design:

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