Art Lesson with Aili: Drawing Outdoors

Today it was pretty nice outside, so I had Aili’s mom bring her to Fabyan Park so we could draw trees and the windmill. Aili warmed up by doing a 10-minute sketch of a tree and a 10-minute practice of the windmill to get used to its shape, scale, etc. Then she spent the remainder of the class time drawing the windmill in a final version using graphite pencils, a kneaded eraser and a tortillon. We went over some blending techniques and also when to use hard vs. soft pencil leads.

I really love how Aili’s tree came out and her windmill was really looking great at the end of class–much better and more accurate than her initial practice sketch–but that is why its called practice!!!

Tree Sketch:

Practice Windmill Sketch:

Final Windmill Drawing:

And here is the windmill drawing I did while Aili was in sketching mode…(I worked in pen & ink)…

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