Another Morton Arboretum Mural…

Done and done! I was recently contacted by my old friend (and former client) Lesley at the Children’s Garden at the Morton Arboretum. They are celebrating their 5th anniversary of the Garden this month and wanted a mural with head cut-outs painted for the celebration. I made a mural of this type for a past event for them, the Paris-themed Ooo-la-la Volunteer Banquet that is in 2007…but that one was not for kids. They wanted one that symbolized Growing Up In The Children’s Garden and provided a sketch of the idea for me to go off of. It featuring seed, sapling and tree…but the seeds were acorns and a squirrel was holding them. So you could be a squirrel, sapling or leaves within an oak tree. After 3 days spent working on this, I finally got it done! It will be on display this weekend for the anniversary–so go visit it, take a photo of yourself posed in it and send it to me!

Here is the finished mural:

Here is the stand it gets displayed on:

Here was the first round (under-painting):

Here was the 2nd round (more details added):

Here is me posing behind the squirrel:

Here is me as a sapling:

Here is my old mural from the past event:

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