Annie Stage Design

My friend Lindsay is a teacher in charge of her school's production of Annie this year and asked me to help with designing the sets. She did some small sketches based on what is needed for the play such as the orphanage background, mansion background, city scene, neighborhood scene, etc, and I based some much larger, scaled up designs based on these sketches. I transferred my sketches onto a ton of huge canvases and boards for the set. The two main sets were 60 ft wide and 9-10 ft tall and there were also 5 other wooden set pieces I sketched on as well. It was a huge undertaking--but I managed to get it all sketched out in 2 days! Lindsay's students are going to paint the set within the guidelines I sketched out and I will go back at the end to add some details/shadows to all of it...So I will post the final product next month when the sets are painted and complete!
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