And {WE} Lived Happily Ever After!

November 14th, 2009 marks my one year anniversary of my marriage to Matt. I cannot say enough great things about my wonderful husband, let alone how great it is to be married to him. If you want the whole story of how Mr. & Mrs. Janes came to be, you can read all about that on our wedding website. While you are on there you can read "Our Story" and then see all of my many DIY Projects and read my vendor know, basically don't spend a lot of time actually WORKING today...! Lol! I also submitted photos to "My Real Wedding" on the Knot after the if my wedding looks familiar--you most likely saw it there! And there is always a chance you saw my wedding reception photos on Kara Schultz's Karatography blog. Of course I would not be a helpful newlywed if I did not offer up some advice to my recently-married and soon-to-be-married friends... Marriage is awesome...but some days will really suck! You will be faced with many challenges in life (particularly in this crappy economy) and you will fight with your spouse...but you will also forgive, compromise, and work through it all. Your husband makes you stronger and can always make you happier, even if he is the reason you are mad to begin with! Matt and I have gone through so much drama this year and have managed to stay happily married and wildly in love in spite of all of it. We look forward to a lifetime together and have hopes to start a family in late 2010... Here are some of my favorite photos from our wedding ceremony & reception (they were held on two separate days). Our ceremony photos were taken by Amy of AC Design & Photography and our reception photos were taken by Kara of Karatography. I love looking back and seeing the joy on our faces! It was such a happy day! wedding images3 wedding images1 wedding images2 3329254057_477ef5b9e13329253473_78d11739d9_o3329256949_06090353f0_o3329256065_43be2de6ae_o
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