An Awesome Ombre Berry-Toned Color Wedding

Jennifer and Nick were married at Our Lady of Perpetual Help and had their reception at Cafe La Cave. Their colors were berry tones ranging from red to magenta to fuchsia to purple to dark purple. The flowers included vanda orchids, cymbidium orchids, mokara orchids, dendrobium orchids, hydrangea, peonies, roses, spray roses, mini callas, matsumoto, cymbidium orchids, and stock. Lots of floral lovelies!!! For the personal flowers, Jennifer carried an all white bouquet of peonies, mini callas, and cymbidium orchids. The maid of honor, matron of honor and 3 bridesmaids each carried a different color bouquet--from dark purple to red and every color in between! One had an all red bouquet of hearts roses and spray roses with a handle wrapped in red satin. Another had a bouquet of hot pink roses and hot pink peonies with magenta handle. Fuchsia peonies and raspberry stock filled another bouquet. The maid of honor and matron of honor had the purple bouquets--one with lighter purples had hydrangea, medium purple stock, and vanda orchids and the other with matsumoto, dark purple stock and dark purple lisianthus. They were so much fun and had matching bouts for their groomsmen counterparts. The other personal flowers consisted of a mix of spray roses and orchids to match with everything else. The ceremony decor included two STUNNING altarpieces that had a mix of all of the wedding flowers--plus hanging bling and a submerged orchid stem inside. They had a very unique shape and were later moved to the reception for the escort card and gift tables. The ceremony aisle was also decorated with white hydrangea hung from purple ribbons and there was also an aisle runner and Blessed Virgin Mary Offering for the ceremony. The reception looked AMAZING largely in part of fabulous linens choices, chiavari chairs, purple votive candles, and of course our lovely floral arrangements!! We made 3 styles, including a mixed bubble bowl, a trio of submerged cylinders and a tall domey arrangement with orchid sprays and branches shooting out of the top. We also added the pew hydrangeas from the church into vases on the head table. The bouquets were also displayed on the head table along with rose petals, which also lined the escort card and cake tables. The cake was perhaps one of my best of all time--as I draped in in ombre color from purple to was so FABULOUS! Loved all the ombre touches of the day. I am totally into OMBRE right now! I wish Mr. & Mrs. Farina a long and happy life together! It was an absolute pleasure working with you Jen! I am so happy to have made a friend in the process!!!

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