Aili Art: Architecture in Charcoal

I just had another art lesson with Aili and this time we used messy charcoal to draw architecture sketches. She started with a sketch (more of a loose rendering) based on a photo from the Japanese Garden in Gold Gate Park, San Francisco. Then she worked on an illustration (a more final, detailed, rendered drawing) of a castle thing that was in Central Park in NYC. I think she did a really cool job. We discussed how sometimes to get the effect of clouds, you draw the blue sky around them and then where you leave white space becomes the clouds. We also talked about blending techniques with charcoal which include using your fingers (super messy) and using a tortillon. I also told her that when you are finished with a charcoal or graphite drawing and want to make it less smeary, you can spray it with cheap aerosol hairspray like Aqua Net if you don't have spray fixatif. I love teaching Aili new things about art and she just keeps getting better and better. Next time we are finally doing scratch board, something I've wanted to do for months! I haven't done a scratch board since I need a refresher too!
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