A little floral design on vacation never hurt anybody…

I was so grateful that Lindsy and Joe welcomed us into their home for the duration of our vacation. When Lin asked me if I would make some floral arrangements for her kitchen and bedroom, I happily accepted. For her kitchen, we had a very specific vase and color palette to work with. I used lots of textures and came up with a great result that looks awesome in the space. I also told Lindsy how she can update it for the holidays without doing any “permanent damage”. This style arrangement can easily have holiday ornaments and/or berries “picked-in” to it. Meaning, wire them and push the wires into the silk hydrangea as accents–Remove after the holidays…Easy as Pie!

The other arrangement was more of a challenge for us, even though it looks much simpler. It was to go in the tall rectangle vase and sit on the dresser in the Master Bedroom. The problem being, the final colors of the Master Bedroom have yet to be determined. We know Lin and Joe like clean lines for that space, so we went with something more chic, simple and sophisticated. I told Lindsy to buy the stuff that looks like gel water to add to this later as we did not have time, but I think the simple ivory peonies in gray stones were the perfect neutral addition to an ever-changing space. No updating needed when wall colors or linens change!

So, I noticed that even when I am “on vacation” I do floral design. I also visit conservatories and go to places that sell art and flowers. I would not call it work, because I love what I do, so much so that I seek it out when on ‘down time’ as well. I think that is to be expected…right?!

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