A Bright and Modern Wedding at MCA in Chicago

kristen milos wed Kristen and Dan's wedding was modern and fabulous and I loved it! They trusted me to make the perfect florals for their wedding space--the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. We planned florals that would fit the contemporary space and art installation perfectly. Inspired by two of my favorite celebrity florists--Karen Tran and Jeff Letham, I suggested a combination of asymmetrical/off-balanced centerpieces and submerged centerpieces in clean cylinder vases in a bright color palette of poppy red, magenta, lime green and bright orange. Flowers included cymbidium orchids, vanda orchids, dendrobium orchids, mokara orchids, callas, tulips, Bells of Ireland, and nerine lilies. For Kristen's bouquet I made a contemporary textural mix of orchids, callas, and nerine lilies. The bridesmaids carried smaller versions of Kristen's bouquet. The bouts and corsages were made with orchids and callas. Lily and bear grasses were added to the bouquets and chair aisle decor to make things even more sculptural and interesting. For the ceremony decor--the sculptural grass accented orchid-nerine lily bundles with xanadu foliage behind them. They hung from every-other chair between three swoops of satin ribbon (in lime green, magenta and orange). For the reception, Kristen and Dan used our signature rectangle monogram card holder and we reused the chair decor on the highboy tables, around the card holder and accenting the escort card table. The escort card table also got a contemporary cylinder trio that was similar to the centerpieces. The centerpieces consisted of 3 cylinder vases of varying heights with one submerged orchid element, and 2 balance bundle elements. The head table was accented with vases for the bouquets and colored votives candles (which were also used on the cake table). The cake was topped with callas, orchids and tulips in a sculptural fashion. I was so honored to do Kristen and Dan's wedding. They were a total joy to work with and we came up with such an unforgettable look that was totally befitting the space and it just looked amazing! I look forward to doing more weddings in this style...it was fun! Congrats to Kristen and Dan--all the best to you both!

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